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Jan 24, 2013 9:00am PST
, republicans seem intent on keeping the country's economy as unstable as possible. the house averted the debt ceiling fight. at least some republicans. 33 members of the house gop still broke rank. by averting, we, of course, mean punting the ticking time bomb three months down the road. >> another 90 days away so we can continue to royle this congress, this country, our people, and our economy. >> we should not even be having a debate. it should be no doubt that the full faith and credit of the united states will be honored, and that is what our constitution says. >> the gimmick nature of this whole thing i won't elaborate on, has been done before. >> either way, the passage of this bill has allowed lawmakers to skip from brinkmanship to probably more brinkmanship. looming just over the horizon is a budget battle that could shut down the government and automatic steep spending cuts that could cost thousands of jobs. welcome to the new normal in washington. joining us now from davos, switzerland, is cnbc's squawk box co-host "new york times" columnist and author of too big to fail, andrew ros
Jan 28, 2013 9:00am PST
for not separating people and understanding the things they contribute to the american economy and society. if the republicans hold up the legislation, is it enough for the republicans that they have spokes people like marco rubio out there? does that build enough of a tent for hispanics to come in? >> not if they have a bill. latinos are clear on this. no bill, no support. rubio talked about it being a piecemeal. it has to be aim comprehensive large package, but i think they're going to get there, and the main reason is not just the election returns and 71% that obama got of latino voters. it's that business is for this. even in the republican districts that don't care about the votes that obama got. they do care about what their local business leaders think, and they want a bill. i think actually this is going to be quite a bit easier than a lot of people think. >> business is -- >> i never thought i would call jonathan naive. >> i know, but what's happened -- >> what's the difference now? >> because -- >> he didn't listen for half a decade. >> here's the difference. >> nativism, going b
Jan 23, 2013 9:00am PST
, you know, tanking the global economies, that doesn't poll pretty well. what this means is we're going to have a government shutdown, at least it seems likely we will have a government shutdown over the continuing resolution that's going to come up at the end of march. i'm not sure it's the greatest ground for them. i think people are very tired of brinksmanship and they want to have civil, reasonable, negotiations. we'll see if this four-month, three-month delay, whatever it is, will get us down that track, but i don't think holding the debt ceiling hostage is smart. >> i don't think the goal is actually -- i agreed with something scarborough said this morning, this is a shrewd political move. all they've done is shifted this whole debacle a few months. what's to say now we're going to have a couple months of rational, thoughtful budget discussion? i don't think so. >> that's the question, it is delaying -- it's getting a cavity or a root canal -- filled cavity or root canal. i'm not a dentist, obviously. >> you know which one's which. >> i really do. >> i've had both. >> in terms of
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am PST
and the economy, health care or education, reducing the deficit, or addressing climate change. dennis is respected by leaders across our government. add it all up, and i think he has spent most of the past four years leading inner-agency meetings, hearing people out, listening to them, forging consensus, and then making sure that our policies are implemented and that everybody is held accountable and he always holds himself accountable first and foremost. it's no easy task, but through it all dennis does it with class and integrity and thoughtfulness for other people's point of views. he is the consequence mat public servant. he plays it straight, and that's the kind of teamwork that i want m white house. time and again i relied on dennis to help in our outreach to the american people as well, including immigrant and minority communities and faith communities. dennis is a man of deep faith. he understands that in the end our policies and our programs are measured in the concrete differences that they make in the lives of our fellow human beings and in the values that we advance as americans. denni
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)